Four Claps decided to step into the music ecosystem in Imphal to help escalate the growing scene. Yes, our town already has ample musicians with reputations and accolades. We’ll do our humble best to lend them a hand. 

But there are also lesser-known faces who’re just as hungry and musically competent. We really want to help them express their sounds to you. 

We've started hosting gigs at Fika Cafe every weekend, offering a tiny space for professional and amateur musicians. The audience response was inspiring indeed.  

And so, we're working on more experiences to suit your musical needs. And it's been two years of isolation; social engagement is another need. And both shall you have.

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22nd May, 2022  |  3:00 PM

We think that great music (especially live) raises our minds high above little things. And on the fateful day of performances, we believe that those grounds will be where we busk in our elevated musical states.

Modern live concerts thrill more than studio recordings. The sounds hit you on the chest and nerves. You hear the musician pound those notes in real time.

The problem in our town is that 80% of artists aren't happy with their live performances. Poor sound management ends up undoing the artists' talents and efforts. This issue has been around for decades. 

We're confident of our sound management proficiencies. So, we decided to organise our own show. In the hopes that we clear this issue, one concert at a time.

Now let’s get those grounds ready! 

Artist Performing on Stage


As We Keep Searching (AWKS)

AWKS is a post-rock trio founded in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, in 2013. They started as a home studio project by vocalist & guitarist Uddipan Sarmah and ex-guitarist & keyboardist Shubham Gurung. The decade since then has been one of growth and changing faces. AWKS now comprises Sarmah, Robert Alex (Bass) and Sambhit Chatterjee (Drums). 

AWKS employs ambient sounds, ensemble arrangements, distorted guitar works and a lot more to produce complete and exciting pieces of musical experimentation. Yes, they truly embody the post-rock way of being!

They’ve shared the stage with a range of names from Incubus to Katy Perry, toured 15 cities across Europe. Now, they’ve modestly agreed to grace our stage. 

Stoked, is what we all should be!


Lo! Peninsula


A favourite in town. In their own words a “three-piece shoegaze/ dream pop/ psych-rock band”. And their debut EP, AKA Lo Peninsula reflects and resolves their struggles following the musician’s path. 

Nitin’s dreamy guitar grooves, reverb distortions, Angamba’s heavy and tight pocket beats, Avinash’s exciting bass drills and more define the soundscape of Lo! P. 

Lo! P acquired international acclaim, a solid fan base, and held their ground on stages such as Magnetic Fields and Bacardi NH7 Weekender. 

Of course, we’re excited.


A young set of stars in town indeed. They’re a “neo-psychedelic, post-punk revival band”. The group consolidated in 2019. 

Their songs possess tight, intricate percussions, pocketed basslines, and classic indie effects. And above all, their songs carry the passionate, personal, and socioeconomic ramblings of a young man in present day Imphal. 

Since their consolidation, they’ve frequented cafes and festivals in town. The year after, they gained a significant following, critical acclaim, and stage presence in neighbouring cities.

No doubt, these lads are growing into big fish.

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Freshest indie act in the local music circuit.

The Dreampop/Post-Punk quartet is set to open the show with a forceful energy turning the stage into a perfect indie dancefloor.

Let’s go!

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